Alex Georgianna

Associate Director

Alex has over two decades experience in finance and the commercial vehicle sectors before he moved into the specific challenge of investing in electric vehicle adoption and its associated charging infrastructure. 

A New Yorker, Alex began his career in the provision of transaction advisory services before moving client-side with Avis Rent-a-car and its corporate parent Cendant Corp.  There, he specialized in multi-billion-dollar transactions including the acquisition of PHH, then one of the world’s largest vehicle leasing companies before divesting European operations to BNP Paribas to form Swindon-based Arval.  He then drove the acquisition and integration of Budget Rent-a-car to form Avis Budget Group before then turning around its failing Ryder Truck Rental business.

Holding both an MBA and MSc in economics, Alex’s practice here at Steer is in advising clients on fleet electrification, alternative models of fleet access, mobility-as-a-service, the daily rental and leasing sectors, the evolving retail automotive market and other projects at the intersection of finance, asset management and transportation. 

Based in London but operating globally Alex works with our Infrastructure Advisory and New Mobility teams for private and public sector clients.  Most recently, he’s focussed on helping developers and investors define and create s “good” investable EV charging infrastructure through the scale and predictability of cash flows created.

Articles and insights by this expert

11 May 2023

Investment in EV Charging is a Bit of a "Left and Right" Problem

In prohibiting the future sale of all but zero-emission vehicles, the UK and governments around the world have mandated our adoption of...

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20 Apr 2023

Market Segmentation Drives Both EV Adoption and Demand for Charging Infrastructure - Ep. 4

In this series of articles, I’ve explored the drivers of electric vehicle (EV) adoption, the development of EV charging infrastructure,...

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19 Apr 2023

De-bunking the Myth of Charging Infrastructure and EV Adoption - Ep. 3

In this series of articles, I’m anticipating our global adoption of electric vehicles while busting some unfounded and often confusing...

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18 Apr 2023

De-bunking the Myth of Price Parity in EV Adoption - Ep. 2

By acknowledging a climate emergency and banning the future sale of new diesel and petrol-powered vehicles (ICE), governments around the...

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17 Apr 2023

De-bunking the Myth of Consumer Preference in EV Adoption - Ep. 1

Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) have taken off since 2019, with new battery-electric and plug-in hybrids making up nearly 25% of all new...

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