John Swanson


John has 40 years’ experience in the transport sector. Trained in operational research, he is an expert in large scale urban modelling and consumer choice research. Before joining the company, John worked at London Transport and The British Airports Authority. 

During his time at Steer, he has worked in nearly every business sector and across all modes. He played an early role in establishing Stated Preference as a transport planning tool and is still recognised as an expert in the field. John was business manager of our operational research group, with up to 20 staff, for many years, working on projects in rail, aviation, bus and highways. In recent years, John has developed the Urban Dynamic Model in response to a need for a tool to help envisage how transport can impact the urban economy.

John is also our Head of Research and Innovation and was integral in establishing our Research and Innovation Club in 2013.

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