Associate Director David Cuneo discusses the effects of autonomous vehicles on tolling in guest blog for IBTTA

David Cuneo, Associate Director, recently wrote a guest article discussing how autonomous vehicles could change the tolling industry for IBTTA’s blog “Tolling Points”.

In the article, David discusses many potential manifestations for how connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) could affect and influence the tolling industry. CAVs may increase trip distances and volumes, stimulate auto travel, decrease direct customers interacting with tolled facilities, and change the highway regulation structure.

The manifestation of these impacts on the toll industry is unknown, but regardless there will be a number of risks, challenges and opportunities associated with CAVs. Travel time savings that toll facilities provide may be eroded, CAVs may need dedicated infrastructure that toll facilities could capitalize on, toll operators could partner with CAV providers to package toll fare into mobility as a service, and toll leakage may be reduced.

Read the full article on the IBTTA website or contact David, [email protected], to learn more. 


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